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by Walter M. on

A true life story that will warm your soul.

by C. Floren on
This story is amazing!

This story is amazing! What it lacks in writing skill it makes up for in content. Very inspirational.

by Judith M. on
Very uplifting

Very uplifting. It is a book for anyone who feels like they are on shaky ground spiritually.

by JM22 on
Great, inspirational story.

I loved reading Six Months to Live. I found it to be quite an inspiration.

Well written, and easy to read. It's a book you hate to see end! Order

several copies, you will want your friends and family to read Artie's story.

Makes a nice gift for anyone who needs a lift.

by Patricia B. on
You will love this book!

You will love this book! It is so easy to read. I couldn't put it down and that happens very rarely for me. I agree, buy more than one. You will want everyone you know to read it too.

by Albert M. on
The story of a miracle.

It is more than inspiring and will, with God's help, bring those who read it closer to Him. It has already had a marvelous affect on one of my children.

by Barbara Mc. on
Five stars

I enjoyed reading about someone from my area.

by Pam on
You won't want to put it down

So inspirational - a story of hope, faith, and miracles!

by Paul M. on
I absolutely loved it, my wife loved it!

This was an incredibly moving story of Faith. I absolutely loved it, my wife loved it and 3 of my 4 kids read it and loved it. I bought 5 copies of the book and have been sharing it with friends and family.

by Dolores B. on
I enjoyed the personal reflections.

Very well written. I enjoyed the personal reflections.

by Glim's Mom on

An uplifting story told in an honest, not preachy way. Also right to the point without pages rambling on about scenery etc.

by Mom on
Absolutely fantastic, uplifting story

Absolutely fantastic, uplifting story. Not only is it a tale of coming to faith, but of deep friendships that go all out for love of friend.

by Amazon Customer on
Five Stars

Awesome. Five stars. - Take from Amazon.com

by Anne M. on
Five Stars

This an excellent testimonial to the graces showered by the Blessed Mother. Ann Moberg

by Laurie M. on
Awesome Book. Very inspirational.

Awesome book. Very inspirational. I fell as if I could carry on a conversation with Artie as if we were old friends meeting up again.

by A. Russell on
Incredible by true

I picked it up and read the blurbs. I started reading it, worried it was going to be hokey. It wasn't. It's honest, searching, open, remarkable and inspirational. I wish I could give it six stars.

by Kevin Ryan on
Five stars

very inspirational. five stars.

by Connie D. on
this book (and his message in general) is so fantastic is that it is an exceptional story being told ...

I grew up with Artie Boyle and I know that the reason this book (and his message in general) is so fantastic is that it is an exceptional story being told by a regular person.

Artie is not seeking fame and glory. He is simply telling an inspirational story about the importance of prayer in our lives. Well done, Artie.

by Andrew L. on
Against all odds

I love this story. Everything Artie & Judy did was against all odds. For Artie like most of us forgiveness was not easy, but the real key.

He is a walking example of how God can heal us if we are willing to accept his call to forgive. Our Lady Of Medjugorje is real, and Artie is one of many that she has brought to her son for healing. Artie has proved to me the real miracle here is yet to be lived out.

Thanks for sharing.

by Patrick S. on
Hard to put down!

Easy to read. Hard to put down. Impossible to not be inspired! I'm left with a desire to try harder to be a faith-centered person. Thanks Artie!

by Marie O. on
Need a miracle? This is a must read book!

Six Months to Live is a fabulous recounting of an extraordinary life saving miracle Athur (Artie) P. Boyle received. Well written, the book moves briskly and allows us to glimpse the life of a simple, hardworking father of a large family as he stares at imminent death via an always lethal, incurable and fast-moving form of cancer. Perhaps most interesting, the book takes readers to the famous (for some, controversial) and remote pilgrimage site of Medjugorie in Bosnia, where many believe Mary, the mother of Jesus, has been appearing to visionaries for decades. It is a moving story that shows it's never too late to embrace a life of faith, and sometimes that might even lead to major miracles. Great read and well done.

by J. Smith on
A true and inspiring hope filled account

This is an extraordinary read and a heartfelt true account of Artie and his friend's experiences and no matter what your faith background is, the inspiration you'll experience from reading six months to live gives great hope and encouragement in any and all circumstances.

by Kindle Customer on
true story of faith and healing

This is a great story. I heard Mr. Boyle speak of his experience several years ago. So glad he gets to share his story with the world.

by Mark R. on
Inspiring journey of faith

I believe that faith gives us courage. This book validates that miracles are not limited to movie scripts. The journey taken by this author, his family, friends and many prayer warriors is inspiring and uplifting. Mark H. Ryan

by Brian K. on
I read this incredible testimony in one setting.

Our God is a God of miracles and Artie Boyle is both a most compelling witness and LIVING PROOF that the age of miracles has not passed! Order more than one copy because you'll want to share it before you finish reading!