Artie resides in Hingham, Massachusetts and will be happy to attend local book clubs with 25 or more participants.  For book clubs outside the area, he is also available by Skype or phone.  For more information, email:

  1. Have you ever experienced a miracle in your own life? Or do you know someone who has?  How do you define a miracle?  Do you believe that physical healings assisted by medicine are really miracles?  How has your understanding of miracles changed as a result of reading Six Months to Live?  How has the book affected your faith?
  2. Do you believe that prayer healed Artie Boyle? Could he have been healed without traveling to Medjugorje?  How would the story have been different?
  3. How would you describe the Boyle family? Do you feel that it was real?  Too perfect?  How do you feel the family relationships affected the story?
  4. Do you believe that faith like Judy Boyle’s is inherited? Formed by upbringing?  Experience?  Or a combination of factors?  Do you believe Artie would have been healed without Judy’s faith?  Do you believe Judy’s faith would have been negatively affected if Artie hadn’t survived?
  5. How have you coped with difficult times in your own life? In what way did friends or family assist you?  How did your faith help you?
  6. Do you think Artie’s pilgrimage was affected by the fact that it was a men’s trip? Do you think men’s spirituality is different than women’s?  If so, how?  How might the trip have been different if Artie went with his family?
  7. Which of the men’s experiences in Medjugorje affected you most? Which experience do you think affected them most?
  8. Do you have friends with whom you are comfortable praying? Could you imagine accompanying them on a pilgrimage?  If you could go to Medjugorje, or another shrine, would you go?  Why or why not?
  9. Judy and Artie had already experienced the tragic loss of a child, and the difficulty of raising a child with autism. Do you think this helped them prepare for Artie’s terminal illness?  If so, how?
  10. Artie and his friends prayed at the top of the mountain in Medjugorje. Do you think they left with a sense that their prayers had been answered, or with a sense of resignation to God’s will?  Have you ever taken your prayers to a special place where you felt God heard you?  How did it affect you?